Kirlian Photography


As we said previously, the main problem with Kirlian photography is the interpretation of the images. Several interpretation methods exist, but of the methods practiced in Europe, the one that seemed most credible to us is that of Dr. Peter Mandel. His system is based on the Vol system, and uses the acupuncture points of the hands and feet. This is, in fact, the method that you will see here to demonstrate specific cases.

It is an extensive text, having about 200 pages. We cannot reproduce it here, or even summarize the diagnosis system, for legal and ethical reasons. Suffice to say that Dr. Mandel considers four basic types of phenomena: Normal emission, Deficiency or insufficiency in an organ system, Aggression (or excess) in a sector or infection or intoxication, and Degeneration.

For illustrative purposes, the author demonstrated topography based on the Vol acupuncture system for each of the fingers, and of the feet. So that you can get a better idea of the topographic system, we have represented the map of the forefinger of the left hand. The right hand has the same topography.

Each finger and foot has a unique topography that allows one to identify, in the Kirlian photograph, an organ/meridian system and its status according to the four states as listed above.

This system seems rational and has certain logic, as opposed to some of the less complete systems we have mentioned before.

Dr. Mandel does not work with colour photographs, because it is not warrantable. We verified in a professional photographic laboratory that the pictures done on Agfa professional film, with greater thickness, the colours were completely different – on normal film we just saw a bluish corona.

In the beginning, we manufactured several instruments for colour photography, because of the demand. This demand existed because of the absence of information that was available in Europe based on the well-known work from Brazil. The four photographs that follow (as well as the black and white one) represent, respectively, the four basic phenomena: Normal emission, Deficiency, Aggression, and Degeneration.

Since the moment that Portuguese therapists became aware of Dr. Mandel’s system, they gave preference to the black and white photographs, because of the cameras simplicity of operation. The camera operator himself could easily develop the film immediately after exposure, in a small darkroom adjacent to the clinic. On top of that, it is very easy to photograph all the fingers or the feet simultaneously. The most important reason is that the diagnosis system is more credible: the reflexive indications for the organs would not be able to be seen otherwise.


These conditions are not possible with colour photographs, because the diagnosis system is not compatible with a method by which one only gets photographs of the fingers. Besides, after the film has been exposed, it required being developed at a laboratory that did this specialized work.

In our opinion, which is drawn from technical experience, the diagnosis is not very easy. It demands practice and knowledge of the Vol acupuncture system.

Therefore we suggest to all those who want to work in this field to seriously study the work of Dr. Peter Mandel and, above all, to practice a lot.

As in everything, an experienced therapists’ advice will be of great usefulness to you.

Rubellus Petrinus